Cool ways to paint your nails at home

You want your nails to look beautiful every day without spending money on a manicurist? So here you will learn some cool ways to paint your nails at home!
Required tools:
ail clipper - If nails are too long, cut them to the length you like, before you file them.
2. Nail-file
3. Polishing nail block
4. Cream to soften and remove cuticles
5. Stick to push back cuticles of orange tree
6. Pliers for cutting cuticles
7. Cotton pad for makeup
8. Your favorite nail polish

Step 1: Shape the nails

Shape the nails in the shape you want. Remember that oval shape is modern for this season and is the most popular nail form in the autumn. Use paper or glass
nail file to shape your nails. Iron emery is extremely unhealthy for the nails. The surface of the iron emery often corrode and if the rust is transmitted to the nails, they become softq can crack or begin to break more easily. At least damaging nail file is glass emery. If nails are too long, use a nail clipper before thinning.

Step 2: Buff the nails

Buff your nails with a polishing pad or a file for polishing. Polishing smoothes the nail and gives a smooth and clear basis for the application of the paint later. Nail polishing is like the skin exfoliation - removes dead cells and deposits from the surface of the nails.

Step 3: Remove the cuticles – this is a very important part of the cool ways to paint your nails at home.

Put the cream for removing the cuticles around each nail and massage gently for about 10 seconds. It is best to use a cuticle cream that contains antibacterial ingredients because they will help the fight against the germs around the nails (and will be your best friend if you accidentally cut yourself!). These germs cause skin irritations and infections. Use the stick of orange tree to push back the cuticles. Orange tree is soft and will not damage the nail. Do not use iron or plastic tools! Rust and bacteria that accumulate on the surface of iron tools can cause damage to the nail cuticles and make it dry and hard. Use nail pliers to remove the cuticles. Remove only the hard cuticle around the sides of the nail, do not remove the cuticles by the entire length of the nail! If they are pushed well you will not need to cut them! In a recent study of one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, Reeve, when cuticles are cut deep, there are more than 45% risk of infection, which can lead to falling of the nail and ingrown nail infections that are extremely difficult to treat. Use a cotton swab to clean the nails from the excess of the cuticle cream.

Step 4: Wash your nails well

After the removal of the cuticles, wash the fingernails thoroughly with soap, best antibacterial soap. Dry the nails well. This step is very important because the washing and drying of the nails will remove the grease and dirt from the nail, which if not removed, will prevent a smooth and successful varnishing later. The clean base is also very important step of the cool ways to paint your nails at home.
Step 5: Polished nails

Paint your nails and do not forget to apply a polish base. The nail base is applied before the polish and prevents the nails from staining, caused by the nail polish. How many of us have had problems with red tint nails after wearing red nail polish! Horrible, is not it? The polish basis can also help the nail polish not
to peel because it acts as a glue between the nail and nail polish. Polish base could be a product specifically designed to be basis for nails, nail strengthener or just clear varnish. Matter of personal preference! When you paint your nails try to leave about 1/2 mm distance between the skin and nail. Lacquered skins were never fashionable! If you apply two coats of polish, apply a thin first layer, allow it to dry completely and then apply a second thin coat. If you do not wait for the first coat to dry well and then apply the second will get small bubbles and elbow will not look shiny and perfect!

Step 6 (Optional): Oil / Cuticle Cream

To ensure soft and beautiful cuticles for a longer time, especially if you have a problem with dry cuticles, after painting your nails, rub cuticle oil, Vaseline or a special cream for cuticles. Cuticle Oil with mac
adam concentrate is the best, but you can use any moisturizer you have at home! Do not be afraid to use different oils to see which ones work best!
The above are just some of the cool ways to paint your nails at home. You can find more in the specialized literature and magazines.