Paint your nails – preparing and cool ways

Each painting costs you 1 hour. Sometimes you do not get much better. Another way your nails look fantastic, but after a few days the nail polish drops. Do not get angry. The nail polishing, like any other activity, has its subtleties. It will be better to read them, understand them and apply the knowledge in practice. In this way your manicure will be perfect. Here are some cool ways to paint your nails.
Moisturize cuticles with special oil - with it will be easier to push them inward.
File your nails. Try to give them the shape of their foundation. - So fingers will look thinner and longer. You can do them square. Just keep in mind that with this shape the hands of most ladies look plump.
Remove the stains from your nails. -  Sometimes your fingers are stained by nicotine, fruit or dark lacquer. Relax. Take a toothbrush. Put the paste and rub. All stains should disappear.
Even if you do not wear nail polish, clean nails with nail polish remover. – This is also a part of the cool ways to paint your nails. So if on your nails have remained hand cream, lip balm and cuticle oil, it will clean them and nothing will prevent the paint to hold well on nails. For this purpose, it is best to use a makeup sponge. Cotton turns into beads and remain hairs on nails.
When applying polish, make sure it covers the top front edge of your nails. - Thus it is more difficult to be hulled.
If you rub the paint, before it is dry, dip your finger in nail polish remover and go again. - Sit quietly for about 10 minutes until the elbow tense. After that, you can touch and hold various objects, but be careful. The truth is that it needs an hour to dry completely.
It is better to apply two thin coats rather than one thick varnish. - Will dry faster and retain longer.
If you break a fingernail, it is best to cut and file. In fact, if the fracture is low, it will cause pain. It is better to take a tiny strip of gauze to put on the broken place and fix it with lacquer.
To keep your elbow longer, refresh it by adding a new layer every day.

Do not polish, if you are nervous or angry. It will not be successful.  Take some time for this, when you are relaxed or want to relax and be alone with your thoughts. The painting is a great pretext for this.