Dry Nails Quickly

Now we will tell an essential element of a good manicure, without which we often need to be varnished again. When you start doing this beauty treatment at home, pay attention to the first stage - preparing the nails. It will help you to dry nails quickly. If you do not degrease the nails enough, you can not expect the paint to be distributed evenly over them and keep longer. Therefore, before applying the underlying process the nails with nail polish remover and dry them. Then proceed to the main process, considerring the following rules that will significantly help you to dry nails quickly. One of the reasons that your polish dry for too long time and then quickly crack is applying too thick and uneven layer. So try the nail polish to be thin and well distributed over the surface of the nail, then dries faster and stays longer. When you dip the brush, remove the excess paint on the edge of the bottle, and only then apply the first layer.
Wait at least one minute before proceeding with the application of the next layer, or elbow will lie unevenly and will dry several times slower. Naturally, quick-drying nail polish is the best option if you are in a hurry and need a few minutes to complete your manicure. But there are also some nuances.
For example, in the summer, under the influence of sunlight, nail may become yellowish. To avoid this effect, select means, which comprise UV-filters. If you have no quick-drying varnish or do not want to buy any, you can resort to several methods that allow to dry nails quickly even when using traditional lacquer. For example, before applying the varnish paste it for about 20 minutes in the fridge - then it dries faster. Or dehydrate it with normal hairdrier, but turned on cold air. Another way - after application head hands to the fan. If you use any of these methods you will dry your nail polish much faster than usual. There is another popular method through which the paint dries in several minutes. This is cold water. Do not worry that it will damage your manicure - if applied properly, the nail polish will not be shifted from the cold liquid. So, it is necessary to take a small pan and pour water in it so as to cover your nails after immersion. But you should be aware that the water must be cold enough - lukewarm will not be as effective. It is desirable to add in it a few ice cubes in order to reduce the temperature even further. After the manicure is finished, dip your nails for at least three minutes. These are some very useful tips that will help you to dry nails quickly.