How do you grow your nails fast?

 Are you looking for ways that can make your fingernails grow faster in order you can also make your manicure decorations? In this article are gathered some of the easiest and effective tips that will help you to achieve your long nails without much effort. Follow the recommendations coming and do your nails stunning. Now we will give you some answers to the question how do you grow your nails fast.
Take vitamins

One of the most important steps to have beautiful and long nails is to take your daily dose of vitamins, namely Vitamin A, B, C and D. You can get these vitamins from the food which you eat, or take extra vitamin pills. Taking vitamins will make your nails healthier and definitely will speed their growth.

 Blood flow to the fingers

How to make fingernails grow faster by using the movement of your fingers?
Do you know that the blood flow to your fingers is one of the most effective ways which can help your nails grow faster? If you often write, cook, play the piano or any other activity associated with the movement of your fingers, your nails will definitely grow faster. I definitely see the effect of this advice, so move your fingers and you will have long nails.

 Reduce your use of nail file

How do you grow your nails fast by reducing the use of nail file? We all love the shapely nails, but the overuse of the file may have a negative effect on your nails and can prevent their growth. Avoid the frequent filing of nails and when you do - do it in a smooth alternating movements - left and right.

Rub garlic on nails

How to make fingernails grow faster with the strength of garlic?
This is one of the most bizarre advices to achieve long nails, but if you want strong and healthy nails, then it definitely worth a try. Take a clove of garlic, rub it into your nails, wait 30 minutes and wash off with water. To prevent the strong smell of garlic after the procedure, soak your nails in lemon juice for about 5 minutes. Another option is to squeeze the juice of garlic and add it to the nail polish, which then apply on your nails. Garlic will definitely help you to strengthen your nails.
How do you grow your nails fast? There are different ways. You can choose one or several of them to try.