Different ways to paint your nails

There are so many different ways to paint your nails. Here we will give you some suggestions.

Water manicure with marble effect

Art on your nails with polish, stick and water. There is no rule that all your fingernails should be the same manicure. For the summer, the more varied and colorful - the better. Colors create mood and evoke smiles. For your smile, we suggest you to do a water manicure with marble effect.

Materials needed:

Glass of water
Nail polish - at least 3 bright colors
Scotch tape

1. Cut 30 pieces of the tape with length 3 cm. Glue them around the nails so that the elbow does not stain the skin.
2. In the glass of water pour from the paint in a sequence as desired. The droplets of the nail polish dissolve in the water and form concentric circles.
3. Stir with a stick to mix the colors and get the so called marble effect. The movement of the water will do the rest.
4. Dip the nail, holding it in a horizontal position. Remove it from the water at a slight angle, so that the drops to stack freely back into the cup and the elbow to remain smooth.
5. After 10 minutes, when the varnish dries, peel off the tape pieces. If the skin is glossy, gently wipe with a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover.
6. Apply top coat for shine and color stability.

This is just one of the different ways to paint your nails. Now we are going to present you the second one.

How to make manicure like threads

All you need is nail polish in two colors that contrast with each other, a piece of paper and a toothbrush. Have everything you need at hand? Well, then take up with the beautification of your nails.

Varnish two coats of first paint. Wait 5 minutes to dry. Take the second color, a piece of paper and a toothbrush. Using the brush pour a small amount onto the paper. Wait until the elbow begins to dry, but it is not wrapped. The process can track by experimenting with the toothbrush. When the paint consistency is such that it can be stretched like a thread put one of the nails near the paper and stretch the thread on it. Proceed in this vein until you decide that you have enough yarn. You can use multiple colors to achieve a more colorful relief on nails. Secure with a top coat and previously clean the unnecessary amount of polish on the skin of your hands with a nail polish remover.

Nails with hearts

To do this, you need two colors of nail polish, base, top coat, tape, scissors.

1. Lacquer your nails with a base.
2. Apply two coats of the main color. It is good to have two contrasting colors in order to highlight the hearts.
3. Cut out a small piece of the tape that will cover your nail entirely. Fold it in half and cut out half a heart - as it is bent you only have to draw a half of a heart with scissors and when you unfold there will be a whole heart.
4. Stick onto the well-dried varnish and paint with the other color.
5. Allow to dry and peel off.
6. Apply top coat.
It is quite interesting to use different ways to paint your nails. That is why we want to share with you one more attractive idea.

How to make a cracked nail

1. First apply a deep purple nail polish.
2. Then put a polish from the bright purple range.
3. Wait to dry completely.
4. Apply black lacquer and while it is still fresh with a simple handkerchief crumpled into a ball try to absorb the black lacquer. We still leave part of it, so as to get the desired effect.
5. Apply top coat to seal.

We hope that you have already chosen one of these different ways to paint your nails and you will try it soon.