Cool ways to paint your nails

Recently our daily grind absorb us and we wear dark colored clothes, forgetting about the fun side of life and in most cases we prefer simple things, because they are safe to be wrong. Looking for something different, we got the idea to make a manicure - shiny, crazy and irresistible like from cover of... newspaper. This is one of the cool ways to paint your nails. Now we are happy to share the idea with you.
Materials needed:
ethyl alcohol - 70% (sold at pharmacies)
nail polish (preferably not pearl)
top coat
Here are the steps to make the newspaper manicure:

1. Paint your nails with the color you have chosen. Allow at least 15 minutes to dry.

2. In a prepared cup (here we have used a coffee cup) pour ethyl alcohol.
3. From paper-cut squares slightly larger than the size of your nails.
4. Dip your finger in the glass with ethyl alcohol, and then paste the newspaper boxes on it. Clamp with the other hand and wait 30 seconds.
Replace the piece of newspaper.
5. One by one and all fingers are ready. To fix the newsprint ink, use a top coat.

That is all - it's easy and very simple to implement, but it is spectacular, crazy and unique. The best part is that you can be original without being intrusive.

There are many cool ways to paint your nails. Now we will present you another useful technique.
When you visit the manicurist to shape and polish our nails, the whole process seems so easy and simple. But when we try to strike the nail polish alone, we see that this is not such a simple task as we have imagined especially when we have to strike nail on the fingers of our right hand.
Typically, in addition to the nail polisher on the neat plastic nail there is polisher also on the skin around the nail, which is far from the understanding for the perfect manicure. Let us share with you a foolproof trick how to perfectly lacquer yourself without mattering if you lacquer fingers or toes.
This trick will offer is especially valuable for women who do their own pedicures at home. As you may have experienced yourself making the perfect pedicure is difficult. On one hand, the neat leg plate is much smaller than those of the hands and is beyond eye sight, which makes making pedicure difficult task for any woman.
Before you begin to shape your manicure or pedicure need to stock besides the usual manicure and pedicure string and even cotton buds and greasy body lotion or greasy hand cream or essential oil – the choice is entirely yours.

The painting trick itself consists in this: Before you start making nail polish, put a small amount of cream or selected essential oil on cotton buds and brush the skin around the nails and cuticles. Here you should be careful not to put the cream or oil on your nails.
Once you have finished the above procedure it is time to start polishing the nails. You can not worry about how much you will dirty because oily products do not allow the nail polish to dry, if this happens again do not worry because cream makes it extremely easy to clean. Simply saturate cotton buds with little nail polish remover and you will see how easy and quick nail polish that is outside the manicure has gone.