How to make a wedding manicure

The image of the bride has to be flawless. This is why stylists insist on building all the elements - the dresses, hairstyles, makeup and even the manicure to match the character and expression of the bride.
Otherwise, the most wonderful day, Ottawa can not leave so pleasant memories. For example, in a narrow corset is uncomfortable to dance and the complicated wedding hairstyles can give you a headache. We prepared some cool ways to paint your nails and to do it your wedding manicure by yourself(although a part of the pleasure of the bride is this to be done in a salon).

Manicure occupies an important place in the life of the woman. Every lady wants to look stylish and taken care of and looks after not only for the beauty of the skin, but also for the subtlety of her hands.
Particularly important is the qualitative manicure for the wedding day. Because just on this day in the spotlight are the hands of the bride and the groom. Therefore, during the preparations for the beautiful event the manicure is not prohibited even for the man (here we are not talking for the nail polishing). Just then the photos of the wedding rings on the maintained and beautiful hands of the bride and the groom are beautiful and memorable.

The manicure for the wedding day is recommendable to be done by a professional, because it will take less time and certainly the result will be indescribably beautiful.
But to do manicure at home is not impossible, but you must be confident in your skills and to have long experience in making your manicure alone.
If you are lucky with beautiful, long and healthy nails it is enough to correct slightly the shape and to apply matching the dress color. Shape of the nails is normally maintained classical  - slightly oval or rectangular.
Almond nails are also desirable to be rounded at the ends, not look too predatory because the bride needs to be a model of gentleness. The color of the paint must also be in harmony with the character and make-up, but rather popular for the wedding manicure are the nail polishers for french manicure - pink, beige, light pink, peach or white.
Here it is also important not to overdo - if your dress is in a bright color nails should be simple. Jewels on the wedding day should not be screaming or you can look vulgar.
But if your nails are not strong and long enough, you can easily improve their appearance, taking advantage of the extension procedure.

These are some advises on cool ways to paint your nails on your wedding days.